My life’s path with thee………..

My life’s path with thee
Your hands hold me up
Strong enough to hold the world
Creator of the Universe
Yet thought to create me
He watched as I was formed
My mothers womb, my canopy
He shined His light upon me
Let me run free like the deer
Then the day came when the Spirit called
The time had come to grow in Him
Learning about the love He has for me
Looking to the Son
My Savior is He
At first taking baby steps
Soon running the race set before me
Learning to trust and believe
Building faith each mountain I climb
Walking in purity and righteousness
Forever praising the King
Even when old and gray
You will show me favor
Long life, Good Health,
Salvation found only in thee
My final days spent looking back
A life lived to the fullest
Ever seeking you
Now on the home stretch
Your face I will see
Open the gates for me
Heaven my home
In Glory I will sing

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