Faithfulness Rewarded………..

Faithful in Him…………We all have lives to live, but implementing His word and truths in our lives brings much joy. Whether thru success, good health, or peace and serenity. All things come and are formed by the word. Faithful in your tithe brings provision and success. Faithful in reading and studying His word brings about knowledge and assurance. Faithful in prayer brings about miracles. The old saying what goes about comes about. Yes, what you faithfully and consistently put into your life will bring about that fruit in your life. What kind of seeds are you planting? Plant the good that is within you. Do the good you know you should do and it will come back to you. God sees all and rewards those who are faithful and committed to do His will. Christ was and is faithful…….faithful and obedient onto death and now sits at the right hand of God. Not that we can earn our Salvation…… is a free gift. But what we do faithfully in our lives will bring about the life that we have planted. Remember whos you are…….Remember the fruits of your labor will be greatly rewarded here on earth and in heaven. Faithful in all things as He is faithful. From the dawn of the day to the setting of the sun,…….He is faithful to watch over and guide our steps. The ROCK on which we stand. Build that foundation of trust by being faithful in the things of God. Praise God for His faithfulness to His children.


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