A loved one will be missed……………..

Loved ones will be missed………
Why such sorrow in this joyous time of year? This year will be my first Christmas with out my mom. The organizer of cookie making, package wrapping and the putting up of the tree. Unlike most people I have joy. Yes I will miss my mom here, but Know in my heart that she i with the Father looking over all of us. I seen what she endured the last several years of her life. The hospital visits and nursing homes never seem to stop. Fighting not just Cancer but COPD, Both sapping the very life out of her day by day. Now peace………Now strength……..Now a new body………free from the pain and suffering of her life here on earth.The Lord has given me peace in my heart about my mom. But will miss her presence this Christmas and for many years to come. I thank the Lord for giving me her gentle spirit and giving heart. She lives in me and all those whom she touched as she walked this side of life. Now in her eternal home. I know I will see her again whether thru dreams or at my life’s end. Will once again know the love of unconditional love that she always shown me. I love you MOM thank you for who you were and are to me. My guardian angel on earth and now from heaven.

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