Learning to get back up………..

Learning to get back up………… Have you fallen for the deceptions of the devil? Has he twisted the words of truth and brought about sin in your walk? Take courage Child of God. God knew what you would do before you took that first step into sin. Know that forgiveness is yours in Christ. Yes we feel sorrow and are ashamed. But know you will feel His love comforting us when we repent. A hush in the night………..a whisper I forgive you. He knows your heart and the love you have for Him and His Son. Get up out of regret and walk on. Always pressing forward. Tomorrow a new day……….the slate wiped clean. No other God forgives so completely. He does not hate you. A Father’s anger may last for a moment but His favor lasts a life time. His hands held out to comfort your soul. His understanding knows no bounds. Put your faith and trust in the one who knows you better than you know yourself. Begin again………..you have not fallen to far. Remember who’s you are.


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