Heavenly Father a prayer to you

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob

Hold tight to your child. Temptation falls upon me as I have fallen and seek your forgiveness. Treading upon the waters. Oh, that I could walk on water. Step over the pitfalls that come my way. Even now I am in your hands. Now seeking guidance back to the top of the mountain.

My faith in you strengthened and knowing the forgiveness is there. I lift up this sorrow and shame unto you to cleanse my spirit and bring back the peace I knew before my sin.

I will lift my head up and call on your name. My Abba, Father. Jesus Christ my case before you. Thank you for your mercy. We are but flesh and the fight is against the Holy Spirit within us. But you forgive and accept me in my repentance to you. Oh my Lord…….Your love knows no bounds. God your Grace sufficient for me. No other God holds my heart.

I praise and worship the one true King……….Jesus Christ. The God I take refuge in. Glory and honor are your my Father. God Almighty The Alpha and Omega Thank you that you are forever with me.

In Jesus I pray and send my praise and thanksgiving.


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