Know when you are slipping away………….

Know when you are slipping away…………..Do you easily get distracted by other things when time to spend with the Lord.? The Lord knows there will be times you wont be able to devote time with Him. But being faithful to your promised time with the Lord is important. Keep connected. Pray while driving ……… Praise while doing the dishes or cooking dinner. Keeping Him in the front of your mind always. He walks with you thru your day, Making your path straight. Praise and Thanksgiving are not just for on Sunday. Read the Word and apply it to your life. Continuing to fellowship with believers. Be persistent in pressing forward to be the person that God has made you to be, Be aware of what you see and hear……..Watch where you go. Draw close to God and away from the Gossip and Drama of the World. Stay away from the impurity and filth of the World around you. What are you feeding into your Spirit.? Stench breads Stench. Love,Forgiveness and Truth……….Values that set you apart. Take hold of Gods hand……..His very Word. Plant those seeds of righteousness, A commitment and covenant with the Lord. He will save you from the snare.


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