Love or Lust……….

A true gift from God…… look at the other sex with love from the heart and not from the worlds point of view. I have commented before that God has taken away the lust of man in my life. More than that He has replaced it with a love for people. Not about what they can do for me, but how I can show Jesus to them thru love. I admit I used to look at men as “Meat:. But now to look at them as another person who they are not the lust that was once in my heart. True brotherly love. Compassion not passion. Freedom from the traps we get ourselves into when we give into the flesh. Yes we can choose to follow the world and its demands to be this or that. But following Christ and keeping close to His word guards our hearts and minds.To be rich in the fruits of the Spirit, Walking in purity and the righteousness that comes from God. Not hottie or boastful. A example to the world of Gods unconditional love and self control. Thru the wisdom and understanding of whos we are, truths found in Gods word. We have the mind of Christ and are all like minded. Loving one another as Christ loves us. There is a difference and Praise God that He breaks those chains. Your heart and body contain His Spirit. Honor your Father thru your actions and reactions to the worlds darts of sex and lust. Know whos you are………..He has taken away your sin and shame. You choose this day whom you will serve.


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