Even Mature Christian Women can Fall

Sisters in Christ…….We must be diligent in guarding our hearts. The devil knows that we have the love of Christ within our hearts and will take advantage of that. Young women of God…….Stay close to the Savior thru prayer and meditation . Keep His word close to your heart. Even then something so innocent can turn into the very sin you are guarding against. When it seems so easy to fall for a man, know his charming words prompted by the devil. You are the Bride of Christ. No man who is worthy would touch a woman of God until their wedding night. Sex is not on his mind for he knows that his body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Be equally yoked. He must belong to the Lord just as you do. While dating ……… study the scriptures on marriage and love. Respect the bond between you and the Lord. The Lord will bring your mate to you. No need to chase after your mate. The Lord will bring your mate to you. Watch out for men of the world. The devil will set them in your path. Pray for eyes to see the truth behind such love or is it lust………….His will be always done in your lives. Jesus Christ the Living God.


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