Do you have to be right……….

We all have to grow up and accept that all things do not go our way and I am at fault here too. When in situations where there is a battle and we want our way…………this is a test. Be the adult in the issue. What would it kill you to let the other have their way. I am talking about child and parent and parent to parent. Choose your battles wisely. Know at all times it is better to give in than to make the issue worse because of pride or being stubborn. Just be the better person and let it go. Nothing is worth losing a friendship or a acquaintance over feelings or material possessions or someones opinion. Forgive………move on ……..let go. Do not be walked on but sometimes it is better to give in, Think before you react. Be slow to speak and slow to become angry, Bring all things onto the Lord and He will give you answer thru prayer or His word. You were not meant to handle all situations. Look to the Prince of Peace to guide you into the solution. The right decision at the right time. Wisdom in His timing.

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