Unto the Heavenly Father…..11/5/16

Heavenly Father the one who sustains me and the Son Jesus Christ,

Have had unlimited freedom this past week. Hardly feeling His presence……..Know Father that even in the day to day I need you. I know that even now you want me to press on cautiously and to be aware of my actions and reactions to things in my life. Needing instructions and structure to this life you have given me.  To follow the example that you gave in your word. Walking in humility……….purity…….like the lamb. But strong and wise…………like the lion. Forgiving and serving others as Christ did.

I pray for a continual understanding of the lessons and reasoning behind your teachings in the Bible. To become the Child of God that you intended me to be. Not relying on my own understanding but pursuing a righteousness from God. You gave your Son for me and now I will gladly give my life in surrender to Him. Knowing who I am in Christ.

I ask that you bring to me the ones you have chosen, so I may plant seeds of victory in their lives. To give a understanding and the spiritual milk that they need to learn and mature on the path you have set them on. To a new life……a purpose………..a life centered in Christ.

I thank you that you continue to show me who you really are and confirm all teachings thru your word and other Christians in my life. You are Abba Father. Thank you for all things good and bad. My hands, Your hands………My feet, Your feet………….My heart and mind belong to you Christ Jesus.

In all these things I ask in Jesus Name



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