A Step to Maturity…………….

Thru the past few months life hasn’t always been peaches and cherries. Lost job……..purse ransacked thru……….loss of inspiration. Thinking all the time what is all this. A time for change. God was slipping away or was He letting loose more chains. Thru it all a peace and assurance that this to shall pass. Uncertainty of the future……… Yes……….But always sure that God has me.
You have to keep pressing on in these times. Keep speaking to those mountains that crumble into your life. Trust that this will all work out for your good and be a testimonial to others.
After many years of walking thru the desert…………the testing grounds. God will shape up the weaknesses and continue to encourage your strengths. Lessons Learned…………Yes……..The nurturing begins. You grow in your assurance as you continue to read and study the word praying for wisdom. Knowing that the many trials you are going thru is helping you to grow in the area you need to change. Oh, we are all ever learning, But there is comfort in knowing the love now and the glory that will be at the finish line. He is always there .
Always Faithful.

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  1. annj49 says:

    Sorry you have gone through so much lately but encouraged to see your faith in the goodness of God. That’s what really matters….. ❤


  2. Learning that all bad comes out for your good in Gods timing.


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