Your Battle………Christ Solution

The battle of who is in charge of your flesh……..A battle between the flesh and the Spirit rages on. We need to control the flesh. Not giving in to desires of the flesh………{food, sex, shopping, gossip, bragging and including every evil practice} The list goes on and on. Keep pressing on………Keep your eyes fixed on Christ……..freedom from the chains placed upon you by your poor choices of the past. Now to live by Faith……..led by the Spirit. The Spirit is there to help you strike down the darts of evil sent from Satan. By keeping up with your study of the Bible and going to church helps you recognize the truth. Praying His will be done for your life. Putting away those things that may hinder your walk with Christ. Good or Bad you are His child and He will direct your steps when you put your trust in Him. He will change and mold you into the Child of God you were meant to be. Fight the fleshy desires and call upon the name of the Lord. He has made a way for you to see victory in your life. Praise and Glory Forever to Father God Almighty


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