The Beginning of the Season…………….

November the calling in of the Holiday’s. But what happen to Thanksgiving being the change of the seasons. Now on the radio…….Buy this……Buy that………before the holiday season passes you by. Haven’t had my pumpkin pie now shopping before the feast. I remember the start of the season was Thanksgiving day when we would go cut the tree and put up Thanks giving eve. Working on popcorn strings til way past midnight. And now being up at 2 in the morning Black Friday to get the deals. How I long for simpler times when you made gifts and they were as simple as a few jars of canned jellies or fruit. Getting the ONE thing you most desired and not expecting 20 packages under the tree. Many people even in the United States just pray for food on the table for these holidays. The holiday season a joy for some brutal and unforgiving for others. Yes you are blessed by the Father with your provision but what about the over and beyond you have? Yes this coming season a blessing to you but where is your heart? And not just giving of your bounty now but all year long. My friends I know you are thankful but how treasured a gift to one in need would be this year. Your deeds are seen by the Father and your reward is waiting for you in heaven. Where will you store your treasure on earth or in your eternal home?


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