Knowing True Forgiveness……………..

When we sin……God does not rain down pain and misery upon us. He does not send the angel of death to crucify our minds with guilt. There is a heartfelt sorrow for what we have done. Not a crushed spirit as the devil would want you to believe. But we earnestly seek forgiveness………praying to the Father to forgive our actions. In Jesus Name. A burden lifted………a calm assurance. No worries about what you may have done. Now forgetting the past …………continuing to press forward. Our Fathers loving hands lifting us up. ……… Encouraging us to turn away from our sin. God Forgives……..What father would condemn his child whom he loves. Yes consequences given to instruct and meant to build our strength and knowledge in who He is. Father………Redeemer. His answer to sin is forgiveness and mercy when we ask and continue to follow our Savior Jesus Christ and worship the Father always. When you accepted Christ as your Savior you accepted what He did for you on the cross. Now nail that sin to the cross you are forgiven. Press forward to the mark which is Heaven. Our finish line.


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