Falling For You

Philip Craddock Writing Portfolio

Of white rabbits, well, I have chased one or two.
As for filthy, flirty frogs, true – I’ve kissed a few.
Now I jump with both feet, the world fades from view.
I’m falling – falling further in love with you.

Deeper, deeper, descending, down into this hole.
Falling faster, faster, for love knows no control.
Catching cliches as I go: “Two parts of one soul!
Broken before but with you finally feel whole!”

Leave logic lingering above, love steps up to bat.
This is what true love feels like – well, fancy that!
Falling can’t stop grinning, look like a Cheshire Cat.
It’s mad, I tell you – now where did I leave my hat?

Falling further, faster still, love made me a leaper.
See gran gliding past me, yells: “This one’s a keeper!”
“Gran, good to see you! Thought you’d met the Reaper?”
No reply, just the hole…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging my poem. 🙂

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