Have you fallen………..

We all fall in many ways………..Tho a man may think he is perfect……..His faults will be shown in the light. And if he humbles himself before the Lord. Turning away from his sin…….He will be forgiven. Confess your sins to one another and continually pray for one another. For the prayer of a righteous man accomplish much. Yes we fail God every day,but He knows the very things we will do and say before they are ever thought of. Thank God for the Cross. Know that within you is a battle between good and evil. You do not do what you want to do. But the very thing you do not want to do……you do. The flesh fights against the Spirit and causes the battle to come to light in us all. Yes we are covered by the blood but should never take our salvation for granted. God does not want us to dwell on our mistakes. Seek forgiveness and press on to the mark. He is still on the throne and nothing you do will separate you from His unconditional love and grace. Forgiveness is yours thru the Cross. Praise God.


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