A Prayer of Praise…………

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob and the Son Jesus Christ,

Today praises rise up for all things were created by you. My days spent ever walking in your presence. Praises…..Praises to the Father who makes all things work for our good.

How wonderful to know the power of the one true King. His feathers cover His children. A hedge of protection over your very lives and the ones you love. We pray to come to know you more Most High. Your word planted in our hearts.

We confess you before the world. Our redeemer LIVES. Come walk with us. Hear our shouts of joy. Hands lifted High in honor of our God. God Almighty His Name. We thank you for your goodness and are in awh of the miracles you do.

Had it not been for your Son…….Our destiny would be in the flames of hell. Thank you that you made a way to heaven itself. We give praise and glory to the name of Jesus. We pray that your will be done in all things in our lives. In the mighty name of Jesus. And they all said.  AMEN.


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