All things to the Father 10-22-2016

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob,

Today your day.  A day to have time in prayer and worship. Thank you for watching over all your children and providing for their every need. We look to you in time of need and celebrate your victory over the kingdom of darkness.

We thank you God that you have made a way thru your Son to be close to you. You planned it long ago before the Earth was created. We are your Children……..A nation bearing your name.

Tonight prayer for this country. Tho we are in the world…….we are not of the world. This country founded by Christians. They implemented the very values and structures of our government. Tho many rights and declarations have been twisted. We cling to the belief of One True God. As we say IN GOD WE TRUST. Father your will be done in the upcoming elections. We pray for those who will become our leaders.  We ask that you give them wisdom and understanding of the needs of the people. That they listen to their hearts and not their wallets. Help them to judge with justice and that they will show compassion on the alien.

Put people of Christian morals and values into office. The country needs to be run once again by the people , for the people. Not just a few in power, but unity from all races and nations with in our boarders.  Help our leaders to protect this country and build the economy to the strong power it used to be. Save the middle man that built this county.

Bring back Christ to our youth that they will be a generation of believers. No matter who is in office you are King. We pray your will be done in this country, our homes, and our very lives. We follow you. Trusted Father and King.

In Jesus Name,

And all men said Amen








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