I have my ticket……….do you?

Who or what do you dedicate your life to? Most of us it is work or a spouse. At the end of the day do you get the satisfaction you wanted. What are you really looking for……..we all want acceptance and love. But even that if looking in the wrong place will not be satisfied. There is only one person who can fulfill all your needs wants and desires. And for all your dedication you will receive the fruits of the spirit and salvation in knowing where you will be in the life after. Looking for the reason you were born. You don’t need the crutch of drugs, clicks, fame, or even the lust of the world. The answer is in a relationship with Christ……His grace is all you need. He is your first love…..He created you to worship and glorify Him in your life. Separated by sin……He has made a way to be close to Him and see victory in your life. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Father. Everyone is qualified to the free gift of Salvation in Christ. I have my ticket…….DO YOU?


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