His plan…… little steps………

Was shopping the other day and seen a buy on some yarn, Yea no wonder it was plant green. Didn’t want to get it but the Holy Spirit kept prompting me to get it. Now the other night i started a scarf with only three rows on it. Put the green on it. Still didn’t see the big picture. Added one row of green. Still didn’t see it. Thought it was awful. Then added the other rows of cream. Then was told to go all the way around it. Now it is a beautiful scarf the color set the whole thing off. God works the same way in us. He takes the darkest parts of us and little by little takes away from the inside the hurt and anger and adds His color. forgiveness, love and honesty. Little by little we see the true beauty that was stored up deep with in us. We didn’t see the full picture but He has a plan for all our lives. Just trust that in time you will be the beauty you were always meant to be,.


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