Our Call to Him

He awaits our calls to Him
A Gentleman in all Respects
His arms open wide
His hands that catch you
His strength knows no bounds
Glory and Honor follow His name
A Savior for the World
Our eyes look only onto Him
On bended knee We pray
A Hope and Future for tomorrow
To hear your whispers to us.
Well done my faithful servants
He is in the very depths of our hearts
Our bodies a temple for the Holy Spirit
Precious is His love within
Our sins now covered by your blood
Never will you forsake us
Our very lives in your hands
Hear us oh Savior and King
We lift our hands on high
Ever singing Praises to your name
To your children
Sheltering us under your wings
We shout for joy
For the Heavens will Hear
Jesus Has Come in the Flesh


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