Open your Heart ………….

Who have you opened your heart too?

When young we look to out parents for love, comfort, direction.

But somewhere after high school and between marriage there is a time to reflect.

Who is directing your life? Is it all tossed to luck?

Our choices direct our path.

Who is seeking you to love you more than your parents?


He wants to give you all you could dream of and more.

Some one who sticks closer than a brother or sister.

Who knows your dreams and goals.

Forget the me life.

Humble your self and invite your creator into your heart.

His son the Savior of the World.

His love everlasting

Who accepts you and loves you just the way you are?

Who wants a better life?

We all have problems and some to big for us to handle.

Lay all your burdens at his feet .

Let him take you under his wings and clear your path.

Are you at rock bottom?

Look up.

He is there with open arms to walk you through life.

To carry you at times

To walk infront of you and behind.

We are all his children.

He is just a whisper away.

Trust in the one true God

God Almighty

and Son

Jesus Christ


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