God is real…….

Look out into the world and see that God is real. Ever present in the world we live in. The smell of honeysuckle in the breeze………The beauty of mornings dawn…………Winters first snowfall. He has created all things. Giving us just a small taste of what Heaven will be like. A mix of rain and light…….Rainbows that cross the skies. Dark storm clouds and thunder……..Lightening to cut thru the darkness. God creates with just a word all that we see. Ever changing with the seasons. Look around you all His works before you. Look in Awh of the work of His hands. The earth and skies His canvas. What sites we can see. Painted the world with color. Thank Him for the sounds and smells that please the heart. Heaven on earth? Maybe just a taste for thee. Open your eyes and you will see………All He created for you and for me.


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