Ever watching His Children

He set the trap, that devil

I walked right in

Forgot to guard my heart

Tender and gentle

Gave in to temptation

Your hand heavy apon me

I cry in sorrow

Come cleanse me

Wash me clean

Purity to be upheld

I was bought at a price

You my Savior

Your life for me

I come to you

Humble before you

Forgive my heart

Make me pure

You know me

Come rescue my soul

He sends comfort

His Unconditional Love

To the Father above

Honor and Glory

Ever watching over his children

Thank God


One Comment Add yours

  1. annj49 says:

    Reblogged this on Ann's Corner and commented:
    I love the honesty in this.
    It does happen.
    I know that…..
    We must guard our hearts and recognize temptation for what it is…..
    So thankful for God’s mercy when we fail, which we do from time to time.
    Poem from a sister’s heart ❤
    Comment at her blog.


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