Another night…….

Another night with you on my mind,

always wondering where you are,

How am I to get thru.

Up all night with worry and fear,

What does my future hold.

How does one hold on in the silence of the night,

I kneel before you and still you are silent.

Forgive your child.

I have drifted away from your peace.

I call out to you in my dismay,

Waiting for that still small voice.

I lye in bed looking up.

Are you there.

Are you waiting on me.

I surrender.

I know your ways are better.

Help me to come to you,

That you are there arms wide open.

Hear my prayer.

Let me be attentive to you calling me.

I am your servant.

You paid the price for me.

Now I am free.

Thank you.



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