A Invite………..

Each morning a new day

A chill in the morning air

Another day to learn of His love


Sun rises thru the tress

Mother robin feeding her babies

Another creature made by His blessed hand


Open your Bible

Each page holds wisdom

Come get your daily bread


The Book holds the keys to life.

Open your heart and you will see

The treasue of eternal life


The Author,the King of Kings

To find Him is much more than life.

He has loved you from the beginning of time.


He sacraficed it all

a only child

The word made human


The Savior

Eternal life found only thru Him

He is the way,the truth,and the life.


He is alive

There is no other

He is the I AM


Stop if for even a moment this morning

Look up to the Heavens

He’s there waiting to hear from you


He has a plan for you

Arms wide open



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