Knowing love….blood or blood bought

Knowing love………… Whether blood or blood bought we all need to share the love we have stored up in our hearts. What would life be without joy and love? Believe it or not most of the people in the world live that very life. No light……..but darkness and gloom. Never knowing that there is HOPE. That hope is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our God is love. So would He withhold love and joy from His children.? He gives us joy…….joy in abundance. There is nothing like when the Lord comes upon you and blesses you with His presence. All the love you have ever felt does not even come close. So make your walk sure and follow your first love………….The one who created you and knows your hearts desires. God Almighty……..The God of Jacob………and His Son Jesus Christ. Know unconditional love. Start that relationship…….. He longs to hear from you.


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