Alone waiting for Mr. Right

Young Ladies in Christ…………Single yet never alone. Speak the man of your heart into existence. Let God know all that you desire in a husband. He knows your thoughts but longs to hear from you. Dream big……….ask believing He will bring this ” Prince Charming” into your life. Pray and know your worth………..Guard your heart and be patient. God will bring the man of your dreams to you. You will not have to chase after him. You will not have to settle for second best. He will also follow the Savior with all his heart. Meanwhile, keep walking in purity of heart and let your gentleness shine thru. The one for you will adore you and respect you. He will gladly pray with you in all things. Remember you are God’s treasured Princess. Know your Father is the King of the Heavens and the Earth. He knows your heart and who is best for you. Be encouraged and pray continually for His will for your future husband.Two will become one.


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