Know your place……..

It is a detestable thing to God to think more highly of yourself than you should. The Lord does not like a proud heart. We will all go before the Lord on that last day. While alive we should be humble and grateful for this life and the things of this life that the Lord gives us. Our cars………Our children……….Our careers………Our talents. Take nothing for granted and know it can all be taken away. He deserves the glory and praise. He gives you all that you have and will humble you if pride takes over your heart. We all brag to much about I have this and I have that. So what, you did nothing worthy of the gifts of God given to you. It is not about earning what you have. God gives because he loves us and yes there is reward for obedience but it is His will to reward for no reason. Do good yes but the very principal of the cross is it is a free gift to all that will follow the Son Jesus Christ. Remember whose you are and that He humbled himself in front of the disciples when He washed their feet. Being a King yet a servant to all mankind. No room for conceit and pride. Watch your steps my brothers and sisters in Christ. Serve Him with fear and trembling.


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