Enjoy His Presence

We as Christians all enjoy the presence of the Lord in our daily walk with Christ. But what if we loose that comfort. We are to run after peace in our lives but what if. We all stumble in many ways but need to stay prayed up and spend time with the Lord daily. His presence will remain constant as we put Him first in our lives. Spending time with the Lord and being in prayer is so important. To renew our minds of His promises and of His word. Know the word so that the devil can’t penetrate that shield of faith, for faith comes by hearing the word of the Lord. And along with that do your deeds that are given from the heart. Not for gain but for love. Walk in purity of heart. Let His light shine. We are the salt of the earth and we sprinkle Gods love to all that we meet. Sending Gods love to you all and may many blessings come your way.


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