Overwhelmed, but Thankful!

Ann is truly a angel and my mentor in Christ. Those who know her are blessed. Love you Ann Anita

Ann's Corner


My eyes are about popping out of my head as I look at the number of visitors and the page views since OM reblogged my Guest Book page at his site! I was surprised the first day, but it’s continuing into today! Totally awesome and amazing!
A big THANK YOU to Jason at OM (Harsh Reality) for that reblog and the traffic it has brought to my blog. I really appreciate help and encouragement from such a prolific and popular blogger! It means a lot to me.
Visitors have reblogged also, and I truly appreciate EVERY bit of it. Awesome of you all to share my little blog!


My hope is to always be mindful of others and to be able to reach out and help someone else one day when I get “famous“. Haha!!!!!! Dream on……. 😉 😛

I think the…

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  1. annj49 says:

    Thanks for sharing my good news 🙂


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