You are a Temple

Brothers and sisters in Christ  We all need to take care of our temple. The Spirit of Christ resides in us. And it is important of what we put into our bodies as far as thru our eyes, ears, and mouths. The eyes are the portal to the soul. All the violence in the world and drama that is in movies is not what we need to feed into our souls. Even the news has so much that thwarts our minds. What we hear also can pollute the temple. Music wines and cries about life and talks about lust, not love. We need clean music and encouragement in the walk we are walking. And what we eat. There are so many idols in the world. The world sees them as no big deal but we are to stay away from idols. Eat the best of foods. Foods that nourish the body. Fast food is not it folks. Not being idle can help with staying fit. Not that you have to exercise everyday but to keep your selves from being lazy. The farmer who is lazy will not reap a harvest. Keep up on your crops. The good fruit you produce in you walk with Christ. We are all the body of Christ and need to set a example of what Christ was like. His peace and love fulfill your lives always.


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