We as Christians

Just thinking and hearing what others say about Christians………… Have heard non Christians say we think we are perfect and many Christians try to be perfect. If we were perfect we wouldn’t need a Savior. We were sinners saved by grace and are now His Saints. But not at the expense of shunning others. You are perfect in Christ because of what He did for you. Not of yourself. Hold your head high yes but be humble and compassionate to others always because you don’t know if they are walking with the Lord. Judge others less you be judged. Use your new eyes and look at ones heart and forgive their judgements on you.  Yes turn the other check. When Jesus was being persecuted and spit on while walking to His death He did not speak. He knew the joy and glory that was on the other side of the mountain He was about to face. Remember who’s you are……… the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords. Praise His name and give thanks always. God Bless and keep you.


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