Watch your Walk

Watch your walk. If things are going to good to be true it probably is. The devil will tempt you with situations that seem good but really are drawing you away from Christ. He will use any means to detour your time and efforts for the Lord. Even giving you to much of a good thing. In my case food. But he will even use your family against you. Remember put God first in your life. As always God will give you a out so you can stay in Gods grace. Don’t just read the word but study and meditate on what you are reading. You want to plant it into your heart and mind. So when issues arrive you can pull on the strength of the Lord thru His word planted in you. The Holy Spirit will bring these truths to mind. But you need to know what the word says or the devil will twist the word and it will do you no good. God created all things with just a word and our words are so important. They are a weapon to defeat the devil. In the desert Jesus defeated the devils temptations with the Word. It is there for you too. Keep following the Lord Jesus Christ. His love is unconditional. Christ be With you all.


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