Remember what He forgave…….

At the cross what a price He paid. His very life. Lo, He knew the Glory that awaited Him. But to stay on the cross. What love. And the Father giving of His one and only Son. To be put thru such anguish and pressure. For our sins. Forgiving even those who put Him on the cross. Now you don’t want to forgive your brother. What kind of love is in your heart. Forgive for He forgave you the day you asked Him into your heart and acknowledged that you were a sinner in need of a Savior. All your sins placed on the cross. Forgiveness for all your sins even the ones you haven’t committed yet. What a precious gift. His grace follows us and His spirit confirms that we are His children. They will know you by your fruit. It is a issue of the heart. Let the Lord peal off non-forgiveness and regret from your heart. Know peace with the Father thru a relationship with His Son. Jesus Christ the one true God. His spirit with in you. God Bless


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