Pray and Wait

Keeping your minds fixed on the Lord and not your problems. Yes we know that our God is a big God and can fix any situation. Focus and give all your care to the Lord and trust that He has the solution. But don’t ask and then not wait and pray about it. We tend to want to jump in and fix things the way we know how. But wait and let God do the work. He is a provider of solutions and miracles. All will be taken care of in due time………..His time. But He has given you a clear mind and wisdom to solve small things but always use the tools He has given you in major situations in your life. Pray……..Fast…….seek His will. Search the scriptures and speak those over your situation that attain to His will for you. You are precious to Him and He is always faithful to those who seek Him earnestly and follow the one true King  Jesus Christ out of a pure heart. Keep reading the word and running the race to its completion. His grace and mercy be with you all.


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