Not Diva’s of the World

Do we really need to live as divas of the world????? Buying and looking like the idols that are in the world. Living beyond our means??????? I have recently learned that having all that i need is not in my nails and hair Salon appointments and all the clothes and jewelry I want. Yes it is good to be blessed but not beyond your ability to keep you bills in check and credit cards charged to the hilt. This can cause a problem. My solution is simple be a good steward and have a account with 1,000 dollars in it at all times. Your little comfort zone. Yes it may be hard to get to that amount but it will be a cushion for those times that you really need the money. God accepts you as you are but be good stewards with His money. Does He not give you all things. Your beauty is not being adorn with the latest styles. It is who you are as a person. Walking in purity and righteousness. But ladies lets not over do it. His grace and mercy follow you all the days of your life and know that I love you all. God Bless


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