Learn to be Patient

My sisters in Christ learn patience and be slow to anger stay in perfect peace.Not everything is gonna go your way and as fast as you would like it too. Just like the farmer has to wait on the spring and fall rains. Waiting patiently on the crops to grow to fullness. So sometime we have to wait. And the Lord will use situations to help you develop patience. So when you are standing at the DMV waiting at number 35 and they are at 10 be patient. When you are at the bank and the person in front of you cant understand their balance and they have to go thru the whole account. Have patience. Whats the point in getting angry. You know that you make your spouse wait on you when you are at the store shopping for that perfect outfit and have to get the shoes and the jewelry. Others wait on you and it is a part of life hurry up and wait.  Don’t let the little things in life frustrate your day. Be patient not only with the Lord but also with others around you. Cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit with in you.


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