Joy in the Lord

We all have joy in our lives. But what do we take joy in? Does our joy come from material things or the experiences in our lives. Pure joy can only be found in a relationship with the Lord. To be content in all situations because we know He has got us. No trouble No calamity can separate us from the Lord. He is the one we should be running to. His love comforts us in these trials and life conflicts. This is when He is refining us. When the pressure is on know that you are going to be a diamond for Christ. What are you gonna do when fire rains down on your situation? Stay calm and let the Lord walk with you. He may not take the issue away but will defiantly walk thru the fire with you. Making you strong. For the days are evil and we need spiritual growth to press forward in this battle. We are warriors for Christ. Our joy comes from the Lord and one day we will see His glory as He comes for His children. Shine on Christian Soldiers. Your treasure is in heaven not in this earth. Work for the good of mankind showing compassion and kindness to the less fortunate. We serve others not looking to be served. Our glory and strength is in the Lord alone. He provides all our needs and care as we lean upon him. His joy surrounds us. Walking in the light. Shine that light. Let the joy of the Lord go before you always. Search for peace and joy and go after it. His love knows no bounds.


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  1. annj49 says:

    Joy is such a different thing from what the world calls happiness. It can exist despite the circumstances in which we find ourselves because it is deep seated and rooted in our faith.


  2. annj49 says:

    Reblogged this on Ann's Corner and commented:
    Another piece, this one on joy, from a friend who is a brand new blogger.
    Please enjoy and encourage šŸ™‚

    Thanks ā¤


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