In the little things

God is in the little things you do in obedience. Like when you like go to the store and decide you don’t want something and put it on any shelf. Or still when you go to put groceries in the car and leave the cart at the front of your car. Put that jar away where it goes and place the cart in the rack. Being faithful in the little things gets Gods attention that you care. Know that He is in the little things of your life like in remembrance of a friends birthday or anniversary. Sending cards just to encourage or cheer a friend up. Little things make the way for big things in your life. Think of others when you are out shopping its not just about you. Pick up a candle for your neighbor that you see every day and just give a smile  to the kids at the bus stop. Just a wave to the old couple that walks their dog past your house every evening. Little things. Pass on the Love.


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