Impulsive Purchase

The decisions we make in the spare of the moment. If we just take our time and pray about them would we make the same decision. Recently I purchased a mothers ring. i wanted to make payments and set it up that way. The second payment, in excitement that the ring was ready, i paid it off and just had to have it. In looking back i would of had more money and appreciation for the ring had i just waited out and made payments. Not to mention had to take out of savings to cover me for the week. Bad decision. So know that some decisions need some time to think before you jump into a purchase or life change. Take time to pray about it and I know God will guide you into the right things at the right time. Trust that the Holy Spirit will let you know if a purchase is needed. When rushed in buying usually you find later that you really didn’t need it or want it. Just words for the wise


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