He is our Provider……….

Am learning a cold hard fact. No one will take care of you accept for the Lord. He expects us to be wise in dealing with what we have and what we can give. Yes from your abundance give. But your basic needs have to be taken care of. Have lived most of my life giving to others needs, but what has man ever given to me. I am not talking about family but others in your lives. We all seem to think it is take all you can get. That someone owes us something. My friends be wise in what you have. Money, Food, Material possessions. All things are given to us from God. Be mindful of your giving. Not that you want something from someone but know that God provides for you and you should not give your pearls to pigs as the bible says. Hard fact but so true. Make sure you have more than enough before serving others with your fruit and provisions. Bless others yes but be fulfilled and content with all that you need.


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