He has set your path……Don’t look back!

Everyday we go thru this life not knowing what the day will bring. We tend to live in the past. Not being able to enjoy the present because of worry and stress about life issues. Children of God we can not change what has happened in the past and the future will be what will be. Enjoy life in the present. Yes we can speak change in our lives but know he has your life planned out for you. Yes you have freedom of choice but the Lord knows what you are gonna do. He knows your every thought. Nothing you do or say surprises the Lord. Know He has got you. Even in your silly fleshy desires He is there to forgive when you come outta the fog. His understanding knows no bounds. We honor a Savior that knows what it is to be human. Walked the earth in perfection and is now crowned with glory upon high. He is always at your right hand guiding and sometimes carrying you thru this journey called life. His love never fails. Glory and praise to the one true King. My love  to you all always.


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