Guard your Heart

The heart is a fragile thing and we should all guard our hearts. Yes love one another but not to look to deep into the man and woman relationship. We all need love and companionship and it is so easy to fall into something our minds have made up. As sisters in Christ we are dedicated to love and purity of heart. When we over step our bounds in a relationship we need to ask the Lord for forgiveness and to help us over come our fleshy desires. He is just and will forgive and make our purity shine once more. I have seen how innocent things can start out but the devil is always looking for a in to your life. Stay strong in who you are and be aware of his tricks. We all need to remember who’s we are and to stand in line with the word. Do not be conformed to the likeness of the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You are Christs. Praise God for the Holy Spirit that warns us when we fall from  grace and helps us to get back on track. The path is narrow that leads to righteousness and few will follow but you are a child of God. He will not let you fall to far to fall into the pit. His love eternal. God Bless may Women of God.


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