Glory even now…….

In all things Glorify the Lord. God makes the way for us to prosper. We can do nothing on our own. He has our lives planned out for us. We just must walk the yellow brick road so to speak. The ups and downs of life can be smoothed out by a commitment to Christ. The mountains are not to high that we can’t stand on the top and shout His praise. Or the valleys to low that we can’t send out praise and be raised. We are to be content in all situations trusting in the Lord to provide even in the lows of life. Confident that He is faithful and is working all things out for our good. Continue to seek His face. You are just at the beginning of eternity. Know God and shine for His glory. He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. He knows the plans He has for you and the desires of your heart. Continue in Him and He will continue in you. God Bless


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