First words………

The daily grind. Get up……get coffee……warm up car…….get to work……do your best……go home……fix dinner…….eat dinner……..go to bed……get up……. do it again. It doesn’t have to be that away. Wake up with a smile on your face and the Lord in your heart. Ask the Lord to be with you thru the daily grind. He will bring joy into your day. Walk in the light. He may lead you to a co-worker in need of prayer, a customer who needs some extra care for her situation,that neighbor with a flat tire on the way home. Be that light. Not a robot but a true light in the world. Shine on Heavenly Soldier. You do make a difference. It’s not just a day to day grind but a glorious journey.  Make Him and His ways apart of your life. Let Him join in on the ride. He is just not there to watch over you but to be apart of everything that you are and do. His love be with you always.


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