Fame and Popularity

Fame and Popularity whats the big deal. As Christians we are to live humble lives and tend to our own business not taunting with the world. Not that we are not to be in the world but we don’t conform to the world. We are children of God and set apart. We walk a different path than the world. Straight and narrow is the gate to eternity. But wide is the road to destruction. Choose the path you want to take. Follow the desires of the world or follow the one true King. Jesus Christ. You can not follow Jesus and be holding the hand of the devil.
Think about where you go and who you are spending most of your time with. To have a relationship with Christ you must try to walk in purity. Unless your honest with yourself about your choices who is gonna point them out to you. Not the devil because he wants you far far from our Lord. You shine because of the God given talents that the Lord has given you. Let God reward you. Then give all the Glory to Him. Know who you are and don’t boast or be proud. His mercy to you all. God Bless


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