Chase after Peace

Stay conscience of your peace. God is a God of order and peace. When things are in order there is peace. We all feel that peace that comes when the house is clean and in order. No quarrels should remain over night and we should be quick to apologize. Be the bigger person and be like minded with your spouse and others. We have the mind of Christ and are united as husband and wife. We are one before the Lord. We should fellowship with other believers and love others as we love ourselves. Do everything in love. Keep evil far from you lips and mind. Seek out peace and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. His peace rests on his children. When you fall out of your peace things can get out of control. Know that the Father knows what you are going thru and will work all things for your good. Stay in perfect peace. When in a situation search for that peace and pray about it. If there is no peace it is not right for you at this time. The Lord gives us that peace that surpasses understanding. Remember to walk in purity and righteousness that comes from the Father not of our own but because of what he did for us. Read more about his preaching in you Bible the book of Christ.
Basic….. Instruction …..Before…… Leaving….. Earth.
God bless and keep you and my his light shine upon you all.


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