Building a Relationship

Building a relationship with anyone is a job. But the benefits can be without understanding. Just like a relationship with another human know that you must take time to be with that person. It is the same with the Lord. Praying…….Reading His word……….Meditating on the word……….Listening and singing to the Lord……….Praising and Thanksgiving. He is a real person in spirit and enjoys hearing and spending time with His children. Where two or more are together in my name I am there. But also in quiet time before the day or at night. Make it a priority to spend a hour or more with the Lord. No TV……No cell phones…… No interruptions. In a private place where you can hear from the Lord. From within His word and revelation from the Holy Spirit comes in private times. Yes God is alive and well, seeking to spend time with you. He wants to be your best friend. What could be more awesome, a relationship with the King of kings. The one who opens doors and looks out for your good. I vote for that.


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