Be doer’s of Christ word………

Knowing His word is not enough…….we must be doers of His word. Walking in truth and righteousness. Doing deeds in the purity of heart that the Lord has in stowed in us. No selfish ambition. All is to gain for Christ not ourselves. When we humble ourselves and live a life that lines up with the word all things will be given to us. Yes you may have to live without this or that but the reward for obedience out ways the loss of whatever we wanted. He knows what is best for us and will not keep from us the good things from His bounty. He is God……… He owns the world……….What would He hold from His children? Anger? Hatred? Non-forgiveness? Jealousy? Greed? What do we need of those things that hinders us from the things of God? In the new testament Paul tells us how to live for Christ. Look into the word and make your confession clear of who’s you are and be determined to live your life for Christ.


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